ArtWalk First Friday of Every Month

Art Gallery

Did you know the Marina Arts District in Corpus Christi hosts the First Friday ArtWalk every month? That’s when you can head to La Retama Park for music, dancing, and tons of arts and crafts vendors. You’ll even find some food trucks there. The First Friday ArtWalk seriously has everything you could want for a good time, so be sure to stop by.

Check Out the Art

While the First Friday ArtWalk features both local and national artists, it’s the local artists who really shine. You never know what kind of art you might see at the ArtWalk. Maybe one of your coworkers has a knack for sculptures and decides to show his work here, or you might find a painting from a budding new artist you’ve never heard of but instantly love. The art is all over the place, including inside of the participating galleries. If you can’t do anything else during the ArtWalk, take the time to appreciate the artwork. These artists put a lot of time into the process, and they create amazing pieces.

Art for the Ears

So, art isn’t just about paintings and sculptures. Artists also create music. Sure, it’s a different type of art, but it’s still worthy of the First Friday ArtWalk. The ArtWalk always attracts some of the biggest local musicians in Corpus Christi and the rest of Texas. You might see some local bands that have appeared at various clubs, just as you might catch a singer/songwriter who is new to the scene. There seems to be something different every month, so come often.

Yummy Food

Food is better in Texas. It’s just a fact of life. Here’s another fact: it seems to taste even better when it comes out of a food truck. The First Friday ArtWalk has food trucks serving up the best south Texas cuisine out there. The trucks are there throughout the event, so you can grab a snack as you walk around. You can even duck into one of the local restaurants or bars for some extra food or an adult beverage or two.

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