Craft Breweries That Make It Worth the Drive to Corpus Christi

craft breweries Corpus Christi

If you are ready for a change when it comes to drinking, you should give craft breweries a try. Corpus Christi is home to several craft breweries that are well worth visiting. In addition, when you go to these breweries, you will be supporting the local economy. That makes your visit a win-win situation. You get to enjoy great beer while at the same time, help the local microbrewery community thrive.

Railroad Seafood Station and Brewing Co

The Railroad Seafood Station and Brewing Co utilizes a 5-barrel system, allowing the brewers to make a variety of craft beers. Although you will find a tremendous amount of excellent choices at this brewery, but be sure to try the Vanilla Porter and the Red Caboose IPA. The Vanilla Porter is extremely smooth for a dark beer, while the Red Caboose IPA has a sweet finish that washes away the hoppy taste.

Lorelei Brewing Co

With outdoor games and tasty beer, the Lorelei Brewing Co should be on any beer lover’s list. You can always stop by to get an IPA stout, pilsner, or blonde ale. In addition, the brewery has several seasonal beers available. There are also food trucks every Friday and Saturday.

Lazy Beach Brewing

Variety is on tap at Lazy Beach Brewing. It has as many as 10 options at any given time, all incredibly unique. Where else can you get Bonfire S’more Stout or Watermelon Wit? Along with the unique flavors, the brewery has four main beers that are always on tap. That means that you can try something off the wall or sip on a basic Session IPA.

B & J’s Pizza Restaurant

If you like pizza as much as you like beer, visit B & J’s Pizza Restaurant. This eatery makes brews that pair perfectly with pizza. While there, you need to try the Hard Root Beer and the 2×4 Blonde Ale. By joining the beer club, you can get prizes for drinking.

Now that you know which breweries you want to visit, you have to figure out how you are going to get there. The right vehicle will make the ride more enjoyable. Mike Shaw Toyota in Robstown, TX has vehicles that are outfitted with the latest technological advancements, including first row LCD monitors, MP3 decoders, and wireless phone connectivity. These features will make the trip to Corpus Christi far more enjoyable.


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