Explore Kingsville’s Historic Main Street

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Searching for something fun to do with your family near Corpus Christi, TX ? Take a quick day trip to explore the nearby historical town of Kingsville, TX.  Just a quick 40 minute drive from Corpus Christi is the culture and history rich town of Kingsville. Taking a walk down Kingsville’s Main Street is like taking a step into the past with boutiques, restaurants, and businesses nestled into quaint buildings dating back to the towns founding in 1904.  You can explore the sights with a guided tour or get a more in-depth view of Kingsville’s rich history by exploring one of its many museums.

1904 Train Depot Museum

Without the train depot, Kingsville would not exist.  The town originated due to a need for an efficient railroad to service the ranching communities surrounding the area and St. Lois. With the introduction of the railroad depot, Kingsville thrived and grew. Today,  the restored 1904 depot museum features historic photos, artifacts and even a working telegraph.

King Ranch Museums

Kingsville is named for Captain Richard King, the original owner of the famed King Ranch. When the need for a railroad was brought to the attention of the King family, Henrietta King, the captain’s wife, dedicated a portion of the ranch to the cause.  Today, King Ranch is one of the largest cattle ranches in the world and covers an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. The King Ranch Museum, located in Kingsville’s historic district, documents the history and lore of the ranch.

Details of life on the ranch are conveyed through the award-winning photographic essay of Toni Frissel and the antique carriages and vintage cars on permanent display take visitors back in time. During your visit, check out the El Kineño, a custom designed hunting car built in 1949.

Harrell’s Kingsville Pharmacy

After exploring the ranch’s history, you and your family can stop at the Harrell’s Kingsville Pharmacy for a bite to eat. The restaurant and gift shop located inside this historic building is known for its authentic homecooked taste and wonderful service. Your kids will love the operational, vintage soda fountain.

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John E. Conner Museum

Also located in Kingsville is the research university Texas A&M. You can explore its history at the John E. Connor Museum, named for the first history professor to begin collecting relics that tell the story of South Texas.

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