Food Truck Friday Returns to Corpus Christi September 29

Food Truck Friday Corpus Christi

Are you a foodie living in the Robstown, Texas area? If so, you’re in luck. Food Truck Fridays are back! This is an excellent way to enjoy an afternoon filled with food, entertainment, and friends. A La Mano is returning with all your favorite food trucks to one central location to celebrate food, entertainment, and fun.

Food Truck Friday Details

A La Mano (Food Truck Friday) will be September 29 at the Corpus Cristi Visitor Information Center. It will be held from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. There will be live entertainment presented by David Hancock. The event is free to attend; the only charge will be to enjoy your favorite food truck cuisine. So far, participating food trucks include Dine-N-Dash, FAT Chad’s Wing and Mobile Cuisine, Hester’s Cafe and Coffee Bar, Hi Ho on the Go, Lone Star Hawian Ice, Munchies Bus, TacoBar Street, and Tailfins Seafood to Go, with more to come.

Truckloads of Fans

While food trucks have always been a way to bring food to the masses, they have grown in popularity in the past few years. Food trucks have become more and more prevalent. They are a way to bring diverse food choices to locations which may be inaccessible to traditional brick and mortar stores. They used to serve construction site workers and other skilled laborers, but they have grown a cult following with foodies. While a food truck menu is usually pretty specific, it’s also usually quite unique. Food trucks are the best way to bring gourmet food to the streets. Food truck events like A La Mano are an excellent way to enjoy your favorite gourmet cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere with your friends.

Kick Back and Enjoy

Everyone loves live music and a good time with their friends, which is why you should join in on Food Truck Friday. Have the most relaxing and entertaining afternoon, hanging out on the beachfront, listening to live music, playing your favorite lawn games, and eating some good foods. The trucks featured this Friday will have everything from tacos to seafood and coffee. They are tied to the community offering local produce, home-brewed libations, and an all around a good time.

Kick-off your weekend right. Attend Food Truck Friday on September 29 at the Corpus Cristi Visitors center. Bring your friends, and it’s sure to be a time filled with entertainment, fun, and most importantly fun! Nothing ties people together or creates a better time than good food. Want more? Food Truck Friday will return on October 27 and November 17! After you have had your fill of all the food trucks have to offer, head to Mike Shaw Toyota. You bring the food, we’ve got the trucks.

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