Don’t Miss Foreigner At The American Bank Center


What if you could go see Foreigner without having to travel a “Long, Long Way from Home?” You can do just that when the band comes to the American Bank Center on April 23. Tickets range from $48–$299, and once you secure yours, you’ll have access to one of the most popular tours this year. Find out what to expect when you see the band live. Just a hint. This band is anything but “Cold as Ice.” In fact, Foreigner is hotter than ever.

New Members Breathe New Life Into the Music

You might be disappointed that guitarist and songwriter Mick Jones is the only original member left in Foreigner, but don’t despair. His new bandmates do an excellent job with Foreigner’s catalog, and even infuse some new energy into the music. The songs might be close to a half-century old, but they sound fresh and relevant with the help of the new band. At the same time, the new crew still has that distinct Foreigner style, so you’ll be singing along, just as you would if you were seeing the original band.

An Amazing Production

When you see the minimalist set, you might not expect much from the show. Well, you will quickly be proven wrong. The production is actually incredibly entertaining. Expect to see flames, fireworks, and more as the band plays your favorite songs. Plus, the lighting is on-point. It’s clear that Foreigner spared no expense when setting up this show.

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All Your Favorite Music

Oh, and you will hear all your favorite Foreigner songs when you come to this show. If it made it onto the radio, there’s a good chance you’ll hear it played at the concert. Get ready to dance to songs like “Jukebox Hero,” “Hot Blooded,” and “I Want to Know What Love Is.” The music really is infectious.

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