Get Your Spring Cleaning Done With These Great Car Cleaning Tips


As you take care of all sorts of spring cleaning chores around this time of year, don’t forget to give your car a good scrub down. After all, here in Corpus Christi, because we’re right next to the Gulf of Mexico, the wind can stir up salt, sand, and other elements – not to mention the hot sun in our neck of the woods. It can be brutal for your car. So get your spring cleaning done with these great car cleaning tips, and be sure to keep up the habit for your vehicle all year long.

Use The Right Soap

Hand dishwashing liquid is great for removing grease, but it’s the wrong choice for your car. The problem is, it sucks important oils from your car’s finish. The better option is to visit a local auto parts store and grab some soap that is specially formulated for automobiles.

Polish Your Car

Polishing your car is different than waxing your car, and both are very important. Polishing removes imperfections and scratches on the surface. It’s a very good idea when you live in an area like Corpus Christi.

Wax Your Car

Like we said, waxing your car is different than polishing your car. You may want to rub the wax in using a circular motion and then wipe it off with a microfiber towel.

Suck Up The Dust First

Before you start to shampoo your carpet, try and get the dust that is hidden in all the nooks and crannies of your car or you might find that your carpet ends up dirty again very soon.

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Clean The Leather

You may want to keep a leather cleaning kit for your car all year long. After all, if you don’t get up spills and stains quickly, they can set in on your leather upholstery in as little as 24 hours. Make sure to pretreat your leather with a conditioner before you begin. If you have any other questions about taking care of your car, ask a technician at Mike Shaw Toyota.

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