Corpus Christi Nurseries To Help You Start A Summer Garden

You have a green thumb, and you’re ready to let it shine. Before you can transform your yard, you need to pick up some flowers and plants. Here are some of the best plant nurseries around. Stop by one or two to gather everything you need for your summer garden. Then, you’ll have the best-looking yard in Corpus Christi, hands down.

Gill Landscape Nursery

Gill Landscape Nursery is locally owned and operated, and it’s been in business for 40 years. It is easily one of the most popular nurseries in the Corpus Christi area. This place really has everything you could possibly want and need for your garden, and the staff here is incredibly knowledgeable. Come with your questions, and they’ll answer them with ease. Just keep in mind that most of the plants are out in the open, and it can get warm in Corpus Christi. Dress accordingly, so you’ll be ready to spend as much time as necessary out in the sun, finding the perfect items for your garden.

Bay Area Landscape Nursery

Bay Area Landscape Nursery is another popular choice. First, the staff here is amazing. The employees are so helpful and will carry everything out to your vehicle for you. The prices are also fair, and there is a nice assortment of plants, flowers, and trees. You’ll have a garden for the ages if you shop here.

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Turner’s Gardenland

When you walk into Turner’s Gardenland, you are going to notice two things right off the bat. First, the selection is huge. If this nursery doesn’t have it, you must not need it. Second, the people here are so friendly. It’s obvious they are happy to work here. You will see lots of the same faces over and over again, which is always nice when shopping for plants. You’ll likely end up with a favorite employee, and you’ll pump that person for as much plant-related information as possible. Ask anyone here a question about gardening, and he or she will have the answer. The prices here are always fair, as well, so you can get a lot of great plants without going over your budget.

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