Parks to Visit During Free National Parks Week

Free National Parks Week Robstown

Families in Robstown, TX who would like to get out and visit a great park during National Parks Week will find that there are many nearby sites for them to check out. If you and your family want to explore the many parks in Texas, this is perfect for you. Decide which parks you should head off to first, and then you only need to get out there and discover the sights you can see. With many amazing National Parks participating within driving distance to Robstown, it’s easy to take advantage of this celebration. Receive free park admittance April 15th – 16th and 22nd – 23rd in honor of National Park Week!

Padre Island

Less than an hour drive from Robstown and featuring coastline, dunes, and prairies, Padre Island is a beautiful park for your family to visit.

Padre Island Free National Parks Week

Palo Alto Battlefield

If your family is interested in history, then you will enjoy learning more about the U.S.-Mexican War at the Palo Alto Battlefield. About a two-hour drive from Robstown, this would make a great day trip during Free National Parks Week!

Rio Grande

If your family loves the beauty that water offers, then you will enjoy checking out the rapids and other beautiful features of Rio Grande.

Rio Grande Free National Parks Week

San Antonio Missions

Learn about the history of the people of South Texas while spending time with your family at the San Antonio Missions.

Mission San Jose Free National Parks Week

Big Thicket

Spend time outside on the great hiking trails that offer perfect views of nature while spending time with your family at Big Thicket.

El Camino Real de los Tejas

Learn about early Texas frontier settlement and help your children better understand the past while visiting El Camino Real de los Tejas.

Lyndon B Johnson Historical Park

Learn the full story of the life of our 36th president while checking out the Lyndon B Johnson Historical Park, and spend time really getting to know just who the man was.

LBJ State Park Free National Parks Week

Waco Mammoth

Your family will enjoy visiting a newer National Monument by checking out the fossils and more offered at Waco Mammoth.

Waco Mammoth Free National Parks Week

Those who are looking to get outside and spend quality time with their family will find that this is a great opportunity. There are many National Parks, sites, and monuments that are great for visiting. They offer the chance to learn while enjoying life with the ones you love. Travel to the park nearest you in a vehicle from Mike Shaw Toyota this spring!

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