Protect Your Car From The Ocean Air

tires in the sand

It may come as a surprise to you that salt air is a possible suspect when you begin to see your paint corroding on your vehicle. Many vehicle owners that live on or near the coast most commonly start to notice an unhealthy amount of rust on their car after a period of time. Although, salt air is usually the main suspect, it is not the only factor that comes into play when seeing this on your vehicle. In addition to the salt air, sodium chloride that is in the air, and any water that splashes on the vehicle can cause rusting as well.

Ways to Prevent Rust in a Coastal Community

  1. Ensure that your car has rust protection in the paint and primer. Most vehicles that are still made from iron and steel have synthetic ingredients in the paint primer to help block any corrosion and rust. However, if and when you scratch your vehicle, where the bare metal is exposed, that is where rust and corrosion can start to occur.
  2. Invest in car parts made from Polycarbonate or Plastic. These two materials are not good candidates for rust and overall eliminates the worry.
  3. Be sure to add Protective Undercoating Products. Most corrosion cases happen underneath the vehicle. To help prevent this your dealership may offer a spray type coating to help prevent rusting of the fragile materials underneath.

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How to Reduce the Rust On Your Vehicle

  1. Cover any spots where bare metal is exposed with a clear coat.
  2. Remove the salt that sits on your car frequently, by washing your vehicle often
  3. Protect the paint job on your vehicle with a ceramic coating.

In summary, you are now aware that the coastal air can be a joy to breathe in but can be of great harm to vehicle and car paint. The best 3 step process to protect your vehicle from corrosion, rust and etc. is to wash your vehicle, protect it with wax or ceramic coatings, and continue to wash and reapply those coatings. Consistency is key when it comes to maintaining the physical appearance of a vehicle. Especially when it comes to automotive paint jobs.

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