Recipes To Enjoy Turkey Leftovers All Week

Turkey Sandwich

You’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. Turkey Day. The one day in which we excuse ourselves for overeating. What diet, right? But once all is said and done, no matter how big our appetites, there’s almost always leftovers. So what to do with them in those few days you have before they spoil? Here are some delicious recipes to enjoy turkey leftovers all week that you might like.

Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich With Cranberry Sauce

Oooh yeah. The name says it all.  Turkey, cranberry sauce, bread, cheese, greens. It’s a Thanksgiving sandwich. Might want to dip it in gravy or sweet potato casserole or something. But whatever you do with this one, it’s going to be good.

Buffalo Turkey Wraps

Isn’t this a big weekend for football games? Well, a favorite food that goes well with sports is Buffalo anything, including turkey. Take some of your leftover bird, whip up some delicious, creamy homemade Buffalo sauce, and prepare some delightful Buffalo Turkey Wraps.

Turkey Potato Chowder

This one’s like Thanksgiving in a bowl. Among the ingredients, besides turkey of course, is leftover mashed potatoes. That’s right, mashed potatoes. In soup. Sounds pretty awesome, huh? Come to think of it, maybe Turkey Potato Chowder should be a part of the initial feast so we don’t have to wait for leftovers.

Turkey Tetrazzini With Spinach

If you like food that’s creamy and cheesy, then you’ll love this dish, especially because they give you directions on how to make the homemade sauce yourself. Throw in some spinach, pasta, lots of cheese, and of course, turkey, and you’ve got yourself a nice casserole that could feed your family for a couple of days.

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Leftover Turkey Fried Rice

Want to add a little Asian flavor to your holiday turkey? Consider Leftover Turkey Fried Rice. You might even want to consider keeping this recipe handy all year long. When you’re out of turkey, it’ll be great with chicken or just by itself.

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