Red, White, And Blue Desserts

Group of homemade mixed berry popsicles on a rustic wood background

We’ve just had Flag Day, and Independence Day is right around the corner. Red, white, and blue are in this season, and they’re the go-to colors to add some patriotic flare to your 4th of July desserts. Try any of these colorful dessert recipes for the holiday.

Patriotic Ice Cream Cupcakes

If you need to keep cool while waiting for the fireworks to start, these chilled cupcakes will do the trick. For the red bottom layer, you’ll need to bake red velvet cake into the cups, filling about one-third of each cup. After the cake has cooled, add a layer of Blue Moon ice cream on top, then freeze them for an hour or more. For the white frosting on top, mix whipping cream with marshmallow crème until it holds stiff peaks. Finally, add red, white, and blue sprinkles over the cupcakes and serve.

Thomas Jefferson’s Ice Cream

When it’s time to celebrate our country’s independence, you can taste a dish crafted by one of the nation’s founders. Thomas Jefferson is said to have formulated the original recipe for this vanilla ice cream, and the treat remains terrifically tasty centuries later. All you’ll need for this presidential dessert is a cup of sugar, six large egg yolks, two quarts of heavy whipping cream, and a vanilla bean. If you don’t have the vanilla handy, you can substitute it with a tablespoon of vanilla extract mixed into the cream. The recipe’s steps lead to a sweet, simple ice cream that would go great with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

Berry White Ice Pops

Can’t get enough berries this summer? These creamy ice pops are loaded with some of the same colorful berries that accompany President Jefferson’s ice cream, and they expand on the sweetness with a few tablespoons of honey. The body of the pops is made from 2% milk, while whole fresh blueberries and raspberries add a splash of color to each dessert. To help the milk and honey blend properly, you can briefly microwave them together, then stir in vanilla extract for added flavor. Load up some freezer pop molds with fresh berries, then pour the creamy mix into each mold. Cover each opening with tin foil, then stick a popsicle stick through the center of each. The foil will hold the sticks in place while the treats firm up in the freezer.

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