Take Part In A Redfish Tournament At Marker 37 Marina

Saltwater Angler Redfish Series Tournament

Have a knack for catching redfish? Put your skills to use at the Saltwater Angler Redfish Series Tournament. This tournament will have three stops, with the first stop at the Marker 37 Marina on April 24–26. The entry fee is $750 for boat teams and $400 for kayak teams.

The tournament has a five-fish limit, and only three fish can be weighed on the first day. Then, the remaining fish can be weighed on the second day, giving everyone the chance to win some prizes. That means a bad first day won’t prevent you from taking home the first prize.

Check out some redfish fishing tips to help you take home a prize.

Use the Right Bait

Bait is very important when catching redfish. Leave the worms at home and use shrimp or crabs instead. Redfish often feed on shrimp and crabs, and they will be happy to accept your offering.

Check Your Hook

Some fish are easy to hook, but don’t put redfish in that category. They tend to grab the bait and run, so you need to use a circle hook. A circle hook does a much better job of keeping the fish on the line, so you can reel it in.

Think About the Lure

Lures are helpful when fishing for redfish, especially gold spoons. Choose a spoon that has a swivel and a weed guard, so you won’t have to worry about it getting stuck while fishing along grass.

Check Out the Shallow Water

Redfish love the shallow water. They can often be found roaming through flats, deep cuts, and shorelines, looking for something to eat. Stick to these areas, so you can find some fish to bag for the tournament.

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Try Your Hand at Sight Casting

If you look hard, you should be able to spot tailing redfish. Move quietly through the water, looking for fish. If you notice any action, cast in front of the fish and then move the bait toward the redfish. Redfish aren’t the sharpest fish out there, and many will greedily munch on the bait as soon as they see it.

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