Sign Your Scouts Up For Summer Fun

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Summer’s here, and it’s the perfect time for camp. Cub Scouts can benefit from learning the ropes at camp. In fact, they’ll master new outdoor skills, forge friendships, and learn new things about themselves. Scouts in the South Texas council are fortunate to have access to the stellar facilities at Karankawa. This summer, sign your scouts up for some summer fun at camp.

Summer Camp for Cubs

Cub Scouts can head to Karankawa this summer and learn many new skills. There are two sessions available this summer. The first session is July 2-3, and the second session is July 9-10. Remember that registration opened on April 1, so get in touch with the council to learn more about the open sessions. For Cub Scouts, these two sessions are for the scout and an adult partner, either a parent or guardian.

At camp, your scout will have the option to learn a variety of outdoor skills and crafts. From the Polar Bear Club to building a campfire, Cub Scouts learn camping essentials and become confident through skill-building. In fact, each weekend session is jam-packed with fun and practical activities.

Camping for the Whole Family

Why let your Cub have all the fun? Camp Karankawa offers two family sessions so everyone can join in. Bring siblings and parents along with the Cub Scout to tackle trails, practice archery, and camp outside. There are two sessions available for family camping at Karankawa. Families can visit on July 22-23 or July 23-24. In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of the pool for swimming practice.

Learning Independence and Life Skills

Cub Scouts learn about building a fire and setting up camping tents, but summer camp offers even more. In addition to those skills, Cub Scouts will practice meal planning and cooking. Of course, many activities encourage scouts to cooperate, work as a team, problem-solve, and go beyond their comfort zones. Camp staff meet Cub Scouts where they are and at their age levels and encourage them to reach further.

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Who Are Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouts are the youngest Scouts in the BSA family. Boys and girls in grades K through 5th grade can become Cub Scouts and begin their journey of achievement and leadership. Through crafting, physical activity, skills mastery, and teamwork, kids discover their strengths and have a lot of fun in a positive community. In addition, parents and family members can get involved in the scouting experience as den leaders and helpers. When scouting is a family affair, children can get the most out of it. Scouts remember and cherish their camp experiences later on and take the skills they learned into many areas of their lives. And going off to a camp like Karankawa offers a unique chance to forge new learning paths. It’s summer. Let’s go to scout camp!

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