Enjoy A Meal At Sunset At Snoopy’s Pier

Children enjoying with ice cream

Are you craving seafood and a sunset? If so, Snoopy’s is the place you need to find yourself. Snoopy’s is a local restaurant that not only will satisfy your seafood and sunset craving but will blow your taste buds out of the water. Here you will get to experience the luxury of waterside dining, and a beautiful view. Snoopy’s Seafood Inn is a great place for a date night, relaxing lunch, or even just a quick stop for ice Cream on the way home.

History of the Inn

Snoopy’s Seafood Inn is actually a product of the constant Redfish Wars. The Redfish Wars was a constant battle that was found for fishing rights when it came to the inland waterways in Texas. It became clear that around a certain time of year The Redfish Wars was a good sign it was the beginning of the end of commercial fishing. Ernie Butler, eventually got tired of being chased time and time again by the Texas Game Warden so instead he found and created Snoopy’s. Snoopy’s was once a small bait shop and a burger joint that was joined by a 600 foot pier. After many hours and a lot of patience, Ernie and his wife opened what is known today at Snoopy’s!

Snoopy’s Ice Cream

If the mention of ice cream earlier caught your attention, you are in luck. Snoopy’s is famous for this delicious, Blue Bell, sweet treat that no one can ever go without before leaving the restaurant. Snoopy’s is known to have a variety of flavors, ensure the biggest scoops, and put smiles on faces with the dessert that everyone saves room for! Therefore, next time you visit Snoopy’s, get a to-go box for your meal and indulge in this delicious fan favorite treat!

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“The Cove”

Imagine your next birthday, retirement, or special event with the beautiful view of a sunset and the amazing feeling you get when dining waterside. “The Cove” is a special area of Snoopy’s that is available for reservations for events of all kinds. It can be said that this area of the restaurant has the best view of the Island. When reserving this area, food and drinks will be provided. If you have a special event cake you will need to bring that on your own. The Cove is a great, relaxing place to do your next event. It is guaranteed everyone will feel free to let loose when you have your event here!

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