St. Paddy’s Festival

St. Paddy's Festival

You’ve waited close to a full year, so now it’s almost time for the St. Paddy’s Festival, courtesy of Cassidy’s Irish Pub. This will be the seventh annual festival, and the organizers are pulling out all the stops. Once again, it will last for two days, so come over on March 17 and 18 for all kinds of Irish-inspired fun.

About the Festival

So, just what is the St. Paddy’s Festival? It’s two days of live music, Celtic dancing, delicious food, arts, and crafts, all on the streets of Corpus Christi. Oh, and of course, it’s full of green beer plus some premium brew options. If that isn’t enough to make you cut loose on St. Paddy’s Day, nothing is. It is going to be a serious party, and you will regret it if you don’t attend. Do you really want to listen to all your coworkers talking about going to the party of the year and you never even got out of your PJs that day?

What About the Kiddos?

You have some lads and lassies in your care? Just leave them home! Just kidding. Cassidy’s Irish Pub understands, so it even has some stuff for the kiddos. Think inflatables, face painting, and that kind of stuff. Just keep in mind that the party keeps going late at night, and it might be best to get the kiddies out of there after dark. It can get a little wild, and you might not want your five-year-old seeing how adults celebrate the holiday. Your kids still have a few years of innocence left. Let’s keep it that way.

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Want to Be a VIP?

You’re a very important person, and you want that to carry over to the St. Paddy’s Festival. You need a VIP wristband. It just costs $40, and it will give you access to a VIP area, a comfort station, and a private bar. Plus, you’ll get a-shirt and koozie. It’ll be the best $40 you’ve ever spent.

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