Take A Family Field Trip To The Texas State Aquarium

Shot of a young family enjoying a day at the aquarium

Looking for something exciting to do with the kids this week? Head on over to the Texas State Aquarium. From the Caribbean Sea exhibit to the Eagle Pass exhibit, there’s something for everyone to enjoy here. The Texas State Aquarium offers virtual learning opportunities along with their in-person exhibits, so you can even go there without ever leaving your house. Read on to learn more and start planning your trip today!

Texas State Aquarium Highlights

The Texas State Aquarium was founded with the idea of focusing on the many beautiful species within the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf of Mexico area opened first in 1990. The Caribbean Sea area, named the Caribbean Journey, was added in 2017 and doubled the size of the aquarium. These two areas create the stunning place that is the Texas State Aquarium.


There are 18 total exhibits available for exploration in the aquarium. A few to take note of are the Blue Hole, Aquatic Nursery, and Otter Creek exhibits.

The Blue Hole exhibit is a particularly mesmerizing one. It features the wildlife of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef’s underwater caves. There’s no scuba gear needed in order to take in these amazing creatures.

The Aquatic Nursery teaches you about the life cycle and growth stages of the baby animals within it. It also educates on the impact of conservation within the aquatic environment.

The Otter Creek exhibit features otters playing and enjoying life. There are currently three playful otters available to watch.

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Virtual Learning Opportunities

If you’d prefer virtual learning, the aquarium has programs tailored to all age groups. These classes include an aquarium instructor and live HD cameras. All programs are created with STEM processing skills in mind. Some classes, such as the Discovery Dive: Coral Reef one, must be booked out weeks in advance, so make sure you take note of the time frames before scheduling.

The Texas State Aquarium is an exciting and educational place in our lovely city. Start planning your trip or virtual learning class visit today!

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