What To Do When Your Lease Ends

Young man receiving car key from saleswoman.

Many people love to lease their cars because it offers many benefits. However, leases don’t last forever. If you’ve never leased before or haven’t leased in a long time, you might not know about all your options. Learn about what you can do with your Toyota when your lease ends.

Check for the Option to Buy

While leasing offers you the chance to drive without committing to a purchase, sometimes you discover that you love the car you’ve leased. If you have fallen in love with the features, comfort, and looks of your leased car, many dealerships will be able to help you convert the lease to a purchase. In addition, you took great care of your leased car while you had it, so you’ll be getting a car in excellent condition, but probably at a significant discount.

Sticking to What You Know

When your lease ends, deciding what to do next can be challenging. If you love the car that you’ve leased and want to keep driving it, many dealerships have the option to extend your lease. Of course, you could choose to purchase it, but many people do not want to take on a long-term car loan. Extending the lease lets you keep driving the vehicle you’ve come to love. And in a few years, you can decide whether to purchase or trade your leased car for another.

Time for an Upgrade

One of the biggest reasons why people love to lease cars is because they can trade their leased car in for an updated model or a different car altogether. When your lease ends, you may have the option to lease a newer version of the car you’re driving now. Or, you might opt to lease a different model from the same dealer. For example, you might have been driving a Toyota Camry for a few years. But soon, you’re expecting your family to grow and want to lease a bigger model to have more space.

A Lease Option to Fit You

No matter what your life plans are, there’s a Toyota model that will fit. Toward the end of your lease, think about what has improved since the start of your lease. In addition, consider what might be different in the next few years. Thinking about life changes can help you decide which lease option is best for you. Don’t forget to consider your budget and how it might change.

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Talk Over Your Choices

Deciding what to do when your lease ends is a big decision. Fortunately, the professionals at Mike Shaw Toyota in Corpus Christi, Texas, are ready to answer all your questions. Our goal is to find the right solution for you to ensure you’re driving what you love at a price you’ll love. Make an appointment today to discuss your leasing options with us.

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