Winter Activities In Corpus Christi

Young woman picking up sea shells on beach

Winter is here, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. The Texas Gulf Coast is known for its beautiful sunshine and great temperatures. Corpus Christi has plenty of activities to keep the fun going this winter! Here are four activities for you to do. All you need is a swimsuit and a beach! What could be better?

Throw a Bonfire

The gulf coast winters are mild, which makes the chilly evening weather the perfect setting for a bonfire. After a long day of work or exploration, it’s nice to just take a seat and relax. Grab some of your favorite people and cozy up to a warm fire. If you want to upgrade, head to your favorite Corpus Christi Beach. As long as you are adhering to local ordinances, you will have a warm fire, good people, and the best view possible for a night or relaxation.


Fish are super adaptable, so the cooler temperatures don’t seem to bother them much. There is an abundance of locales to fish at, whether it is fresh or saltwater. Corpus Christi is perfect for fishing. Just find a pier, beach, or charter boat. No matter what you choose, you will be sure to hook a catch of the day.

There are local weekly fishing reports by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department that are good to check out before you cast your line.

Beach Games

There are so many fun ways to stay active during the cold months. For example, play some beach games. Get your heart rate pumping with a game of football or frisbee in the sand. Maybe you have a volleyball net you can set up too. No matter what games you choose, they are sure to be fun and won’t cost a dime.

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Shell Hunting

Long walks on the beach are a peaceful time you can take for yourself. Maybe you prefer having something to do while you venture out to the ocean, and that’s why shell hunting is a great addition to your adventure. Since winter is the off-season for most folks, this makes it the perfect time to hunt for shells. There are fewer people traveling to the beach and searching for keepsakes to take home. The best shells will be found an hour before and after the low tide.

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