Adding Your Teen Driver to Your Car Insurance

Robstown - Teen Driver Auto Insurance Tips
There is nothing quite like your child being old enough to drive a car; it’s truly a bittersweet event to endure. And if they will be using your vehicle, you need to make sure they are added to your insurance policy. That way all bases are covered in the event of an unexpected accident. Giving you peace of mind when they’re traveling in your vehicle. After facing the realization that they’re no longer your little kid and they’re about to make it out on there in the real world.

Texas Laws for Teenage Drivers

Each state has different laws for teenage drivers, and these can also be updated, so it is important to check with your state licensing office to verify what specific laws are in place for teens at any given time. When purchasing auto insurance for a teen, there are also special things required.

Texas Teen Insurance Requirements

$25,000 coverage – For the Injury or Death of 1 Person.
$50,000 For the Injury or Death of 2 Persons.
$25,000 Damage to the Property of Others.

This is the minimum a teen must have by law in Texas

Benefits With Adding Your Teen to Your Policy

By adding your young son or daughter to the auto insurance, it will save a ton of money. Which in return can be used to further their education. You’ll be eligible for all sorts of discounts that certain business establishes offer. Such as saving money for having multiple vehicles at the residence. With the choice of adding them to your policy or purchasing one of their own. Another unique option that’s offered is called suspension of coverage, which is perfect for those who have a child in college and will not be driving. It will put a freeze on the policy until they receive notice from you to start it back up. Sometimes a discount is available when the parent signs up for an exclusion on the policy. This simply means they won’t be driving particular vehicles on the policy.

Research is crucial when it comes to finding the best auto policy in which to purchase for them. You may want to look into driving courses available in your area. Your teen driver is just starting out, and it is important that they’re knowledgeable about all the rules of the road. You also want to see which policy offers the ideal rates; there’s no need to spend more than is required.


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