Best Dog-Friendly Places In Corpus Christi

Living life to the fullest doesn’t involve just you, but your best canine friend, as well. Fortunately, you live in one of the best places in the country for you and your pup to enjoy the fruits of life as Corpus Christi is flush with dog-friendly places. These places include restaurants, stores, parks, and much more.

We have listed several dog-friendly restaurants and attractions for you and your pup to enjoy. Keep in mind that these places expect your dog to be well trained and used to social environments.


  • The Gold-Fish – Your pup is allowed throughout the premise. Water and treats are provided, and your dog does not need to be on the leash the entire time.
  • BUS – Though your dog is only allowed on the patio, BUS provides a dog bar with food and water. A leash is required.
  • Angry Marlin Restaurant – This restaurant allows your dog on the patio with water bowls provided. They prefer that you keep your dog on a leash.
  • Pier 99 – Your dog is allowed anywhere throughout the premise, however, Pier 66 is home to a pet cat named Jazz Cat, so only bring your dog if it is friendly. Pier 99 offers water dishes and food bowls. Leashes are preferred.
  • Paradise Key Dockside Grill – Paradise Keys hosts a Yappy Hour, which is a buffet-style event. All proceeds go to the Gulf Coast Humane Society. Leashes are required and your dog is only allowed on the patio.


  • Dolphin Connection – If other passengers don’t mind, then your dog is more than welcome. They can come at no extra charge.
  • Water Dog Floating Yoga – SUP with your PUP classes are offered, which allows you to bring your dog to paddle condition Sunday. You first need to ensure that your dog is comfortable on a board, go over your dog’s temperament, and then set up a private SUP with your PUP class.

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  • Half-Priced Books – Dogs are allowed anywhere but not within 90 feet of the cage. Leashes are required.
  • Lowe’s – Dogs are allowed anywhere. Leashes are not required.
  • Michael’s – Dogs are allowed as long as it is in your basket.
  • La Palmera Mall – The mall allows your dog to go to most areas and most stores. A leash is required.
  • Old Navy – Your dog is allowed everywhere. A leash is required.

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