Cool Off This Spring at One of These Ice Cream Spots

Display of assorted ice creams

It sure can warm up fast in Texas. One day, there’s a cool breeze outside, and the next day, it’s as hot as could be. You don’t have to live with the heat, though. Cool off the easy way with a tasty treat from an ice cream shop. Whether you want some ice cream in Robstown or nearby Corpus Christi, it is easy to find the perfect sweet treat in the area.

Rod ‘n’ Roll’s

Robstown residents love going to Rod ‘n’ Roll’s for some ice cream. Get a cup, cone, or specialty item, such as a banana split. You can also get a smoothie or another type of dessert at this eatery. When you’re there, you might as well grab some lunch, as well. After all, a club sandwich goes great with some ice cream.

A La Mode Gelateria

A La Mode Gelateria is a famous dessert and snack bar in Corpus Christi. It was seen on the Food Network, so lots of people visit to see if it lives up to the fuss. They quickly realize that it doesn’t just live up to the hype. It actually exceeds expectations. Get a cold sweet treat or something else when you visit. The menu is full of one tasty treat after the next.

Island Yogurt Shoppe

Also located in Corpus Christi, Island Yogurt Shoppe is full of delicious treats. The self-serve shop lets you pick your flavor and then pile on the extras, such as fruit and nuts. This is a good place to go if you want a healthy sweet treat. Yogurt is good for your bones and your digestive system, so you don’t have to feel guilty when you eat here. Of course, that doesn’t mean your treat won’t be loaded with flavor.

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