Creating a Morning School Routine

Family in kitchen getting ready for school


If you’re like many parents in Corpus Christi, TX, it’s easy to get out of a good morning routine during the summer. You may let your kids stay up later the night before and sleep in the next morning. Moreover, it’s not uncommon for parents and kids to forget to do morning tasks, such as eating a good breakfast and brushing their teeth. However, once school approaches, reestablishing those good habits is crucial. Here are some tips for getting back to the morning routine.

Get up Early

This is difficult for kids, especially those who get out of bed at 9 or 10 in the morning – or later. But once classes begin, a late start won’t work. When the school first gets underway, it’s best to arise about 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to. As the school year moves on, you might be able to adjust your schedule. However, allowing your kids plenty of time to prepare for the school day is critical.

Do Some of It the Night Before

Procrastination is a big enemy of students. This includes morning routines. Don’t save all the preparation for the morning before school. Do what you can the previous night. This can alleviate a lot of morning stress and anxiety. For example, plan your breakfast, set your clothes, charge your electronic devices, and bathe the night before. This can make you and your kids feel much less rushed in the morning.

Delegate Duties

When you have young kids, you probably have to do most, if not all, morning chores for them. For instance, you’ll need to make breakfast, help brush teeth, and even help dress young children. As kids grow, give them responsibilities. You may want to assign your kids a morning job and rotate those tasks throughout the school year. It can be helpful to create a chart and display it prominently in the home.

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Go Easy on Breakfast

There’s no question that breakfast is an important meal. Thus, your kids shouldn’t skip it. However, this doesn’t mean breakfast has to be an elaborate seven-course meal. Don’t spend more time than you need to on this meal. In fact, you can make some healthy, filling breakfast dishes in a matter of minutes. Some yogurt, fruit, and oatmeal are good options. A hard-boiled egg takes little effort and can be on the stove while you’re doing other kitchen duties. A breakfast smoothie can provide the energy your kids need for the day.

Follow these tips and implement them in your family starting today. You will enjoy the results. Plus, your kids can feel less stress and pressure as the school day begins.

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