Enjoy Fruity Treats In Corpus Christi

Fruit Juice shooter Selection by the sea in shot glasses

As the holiday season is fast approaching, you will inevitably be invited to parties where baked goods and casseroles are in abundance. While you enjoy comfort food as much as the next person, you sometimes want something light and fresh, even in the cooler months.  Check out these amazing places in and near Corpus Christi that offer light fruity treats.

Island Market

Do you ever feel like you could use a good relaxing day at the beach? You may not be able to get your toes into the sand but even in the fall, you can always pay a visit to Island Market in Port Aransas, Texas. You can get a variety of tropical fruits in your smoothie bowls that will make it as refreshing as can be. Other options exist if you want something more substantial, like the Loaded Avo Toast. Try one of the fruit juices, healthy snacks, or lunches. Of course, you can’t forget the fact that this place sells produce, as well. If you have to pick up something for dinner, you can make it a one-stop shop.

Smoothies Creamery

When you want a treat, you have to head to Smoothies Creamery in Corpus Christi. Here, you can get anything from a fruity slush to a tapioca drink.  Oh, and if you really have a sweet tooth, check out the frozen yogurt and ice cream. This place seriously has it all.


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Go Green in a New Toyota

The juice bars and smoothie joints in Corpus Christi offer you a scrumptious way to eat your fruits and veggies. Enjoy drinks that come in vibrant colors like bright orange or vivid green. Speaking of green, you can go green by driving a new Toyota hybrid or EV model. For those living in Corpus Christi, the best place to find your next Toyota is at Mike Shaw Toyota. The next time you’re craving a fruity treat, visit one of the aforementioned smoothie shops in a Toyota hybrid or EV.

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