Explore All That The Toyota Sequoia Has To Offer

Family with Sequoia SUV in driveway
Whether you’re planning your next group road trip or just carpooling through town, there’s no denying the value of a three-row SUV for growing families. The Toyota Sequoia makes it easy to hit the road with the whole crew onboard, and everyone can expect safe, comfortable cruising thanks to its high-quality ride and interior. What does the Sequoia have in store for the 2023 model year? Let’s take a look at this family-friendly SUV to find out.

Redesigned for 2023

Toyota has entirely redesigned the Sequoia for the 2023 model year. It sports handsome new looks across its bold exterior and welcoming interior, and offers a wide range of modern tech features as well. Under the hood, the Sequoia runs on the iForce MAX hybrid powertrain, deriving efficient power from both a V6 engine and electric motor for 437 horsepower. The Sequoia is built on the same platform as the Toyota Tundra full-size truck, and it delivers impressive performance on roadways, down the trails, and even with a trailer in-tow.

Room for the Whole Family

An SUV needs to provide plenty of room if you plan on taking it on the road with three rows full of passengers. That’s why Toyota has designed the Sequoia with ample legroom from front to back. The SUV is available in seven- and eight-seat configurations, and all your riders can enjoy cushioned accommodations for as long as the journey takes. You’ll also find a generous amount of storage space, and when you fold all the passenger rows, the Sequoia provides 86.9 cubic feet for stowing cargo.

Smart Safety

Any vehicle built for family-hauling duties should also promise safe travels, and the Sequoia was designed from the wheels up to keep you and your passengers safe and secure every time you leave the driveway. In addition to its diligent design, the SUV offers a wide range of driver assistance and safety tech systems to help you avoid hazards on the roadways of Texas and beyond. For 2023, the Toyota Sequoia comes standard with tech tools like forward collision warning, pedestrian and cyclist detection, lane keep assist, front and rear parking sensors, and more.

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