Ways to Give Back and Volunteer in and Around Robstown

swimming in pool to volunteer

You don’t have to donate money to give back to your community. Your time is just as valuable as your money is, so consider signing up for a volunteer opportunity in the area. Pick the right opportunity for you and get ready to give back.

Be a MicroMentor

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economic system. When they thrive, the country as a whole succeeds. Help your local economy by becoming a MicroMentor. You can connect with small business owners and entrepreneurs online or in Robstown. Mentors typically volunteer around 10 hours in three months’ time.  During that time, you can share your knowledge with the entrepreneur or small business owner.

Provide Computer Training to Those in Need

Computer skills make it easier for adults to find jobs. These skills are especially necessary for those who are in need. If you have computer skills, lend some time to Prospera Housing Community Services. You can train people in basic computer skills so they can apply for jobs. You will need to donate four hours a month to be a part of the volunteer team. You can also look at additional opportunities with Prospera. The service center offers after-school programs and more, so lend your hand where you can.

Swim for MS

If you love swimming, you can make a real splash for the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America. This is a unique volunteer opportunity. Instead of going to a location and helping others, you will create your own fundraiser. Gather pledges and hit the pool! People can pledge flat amounts or give you money for each lap you complete. The funds go directly to the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, so you can help lots of people with this fundraiser.


Mike Shaw Toyota in Robstown, Texas, is also interested in giving back to the community. The dealership provides customers with free inspections for the life of their vehicles. It also offers free oil changes if you buy a used car. In addition, customers can take advantage of ToyotaCare and other programs that put customers first.

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