How To Dispose Of Your Christmas Tree

Old trees

Christmas is over. Time to take down and pack up your decorations. But what do you do with your Christmas tree? Well, if it’s a real one, you have to do something with it. If it’s artificial, you can probably store it, but even artificial trees have a shelf like. Here’s a few suggestions about how to dispose of your Christmas tree in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Put Your Real Tree On The Street

Do you know when the city comes by to get brush in your neighborhood? That’s when you want to put your tree on the curb. If you aren’t sure, the entire schedule is available on the city web site.

Recycle Or Compost Your Real Tree

Instead of setting your tree out by the street where it will end up in a landfill, consider other alternatives, such as recycling your tree or turning it into compost. In Corpus Christi, typically a popular place to do this with ease is the J.C. Elliot Collection Center on Highway 286. Typically, some time in February, you can return to J.C. Elliott and get some mulch for your garden – just in time for spring.

Put Your Artificial Tree On The Street

If your artificial tree has worn itself out and you’ll need to get a new one of next year, you may need to leave your artificial tree on the curb. Like with the real tree, contact the city and ask for scheduled times for when an artificial tree should be left out.

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Repurpose Or Reuse Your Artificial Tree

Because of how it’s made, your artificial tree is simply not going to break down. But while it may not become compost like a real tree, it can be repurposed in a variety of new ways. Here are a a couple:

  • Donate Your Tree – thrift stores, nursing homes, and other charity organizations may want it.
  • Create New Decorations – use parts of your tree to make wreaths, centerpieces, and more.


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