Get Ready for Monster Jam in Corpus Christi

Monster Jam Truck

Grave Digger, Master of Disaster, Monster Mutt, Stinger, and Mutant are all coming to the AmericanBank Center for Monster Jam on Oct. 7 & 8, and you can go too. Get your tickets so you can see bone-crushing monster truck races and freestyles. This is one of the wildest events in Corpus Christi, so get your tickets and hang out with other monster struck enthusiasts.

Tickets start at $17.50. Check out what you can expect if you go to this crazy event.

Death-Defying Stunts

You will be amazed by the stunts the drivers can do in these trucks. How do you flip a monster truck? There’s no telling how they do it, but it can be done. They don’t need special effects, and they don’t use bait and switch tactics. These drivers aren’t magicians. They are insane stunt drivers who know how to wow the crowd. You don’t want to miss out and have to watch it on YouTube. This stuff is meant to be seen live.

The Pit Pass Party

Consider getting the Monster Jam Pit Pass so you can go to the pre-show party, especially if you have little kids. You can see the monster trucks up close and even take a ride in them. Plus, the drivers will give you an autograph during this special pre-show event. It’s a little pricey, but if you want to have an evening to remember, it’s worth it.

Keep in mind that the Pit Pass Party is very popular, so there are long lines. It is a good idea to get there a little bit early so you can stake your claim at the front of the line. Otherwise, your little ones might get frustrated during the wait.

Don’t Leave During Intermission

The Monster Jam gang needs a break from time to time, so there are intermissions throughout the event. Don’t get up and leave, though. Local racers come in to keep you entertained during the intermissions. You’ll be surprised by the local talent around the Corpus Christi area. These guys know how to bring it, so sit back and cheer on your local racers. They need love too.

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