Plan Your Weekend Activities in Corpus Christi

A family spends the day on the beach in Corpus Christi, TX

Next weekend is the first weekend of summer break, and while it isn’t officially the summer season yet, it’s hot enough here in Corpus Christi to start enjoying summer activities. So, if you’re looking for a great way to kick off the summer with your family, we have a great list of fun things to pack the weekend with.  Read on to see the Mike Shaw Toyota school’s out bucket list.

Hit the Beach

Nothing screams summer like a day at the beach. Luckily we have miles of beaches in our beautiful city. So, take your pick and enjoy an amazing day in the sun. You and your family can pack a picnic to enjoy on the sand, or grab a net to set up for a friendly game of beach volleyball. Check out a few of our favorite locations for soaking up the sun:

Check out the Aquarium

After a day in the sun, you might want to cool off indoors. For that, there are several attractions in the area that your kids will love, and just because school is out, doesn’t mean the learning has to end. There are plenty of places in and around Corpus Christi that take an exciting path to education. One of those places is the Texas State Aquarium.  The indoor aquarium is focused on species found in the Gulf of Mexico. Each exhibit explores a different aquatic habitat, land area, or a specific species.

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Stroll Through the Corpus Christi Art Trail

Do any of your kids have a creative mind and a talent for creating visual art? Stoke their creativity with a trip downtown to view the Corpus Christi Art Trail. The trail features 14 locations of art and it is completely free to explore. You can download the easy-to-use Corpus Christ Mural and Art trail app to get interesting information about the many murals and sculptures on the trail. You can take your exploration of the art in our town a step further by taking selfies as you walk the trail. If you post your selfies on social media and tag the Art Museum of South Texas, you’ll gain free entry to the museum.

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