Enjoy The Views And Steak At Republic Of Texas

Eating steak

If you’re looking for a fancy date night, or maybe somewhere to celebrate something special, Republic of Texas Bar & Grill is just the place you want to find yourself. Not only will you get a meal that is out of this world, but the views you will endure are incredible and hard to beat. With windows surrounding most all of the tables, and located on the 20th floor of a hotel, you will get the opportunity to look over the water and the boats and boat docks, which are incredibly pretty at night when lit up.

Steak & Seafood

Being one of Corpus Christi’s top dining locations, this fine dining location serves both steak and a variety of seafood. Both entree’s have a variety of ways that you can eat them and incorporate them into your meal as well. Therefore, no matter if you are more of a steak person, or seafood person, there is no doubt that you will love this place and finding yourself coming back time and time again.

Social Hour

If you are visiting Republic of Texas Bar and Grill and are trying to stay on a budget, there is a way. Social hour is a great time to wine and dine at this place because of the specials that are offered. You will be surprised that many appetizers are discounted. Social hour is between 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.!

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The Chef

Daniel M. Rosa is the Executive Chef at Republic of Texas Bar and Grill. He says that he owe his love and craft for cooking to his mother and her ability to transform fresh ingredients to beautiful looking and extraordinary tasting meals. He says she used to cook feasts for the family and when most people cook in bulk like that, they compromise taste and quality, but she never did.

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