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Let’s face it – teens can often be sullen, keep to themselves, and have all sorts of angst just screaming to be made into art. Why not funnel this into learning how to draw? Even if your teen is taking art in school, he or she will likely appreciate getting additional skills and stepping out of the familiar bricks and mortar. Allow them to do just that by signing them up for drawing lessons in Corpus Christi or Robstown!

Benefits of Learning to Draw

It may seem like learning to draw doesn’t necessarily have many practical applications, but that is far from the case. Just to start off with, practicing art on a regular basis will encourage your teen to work creatively. This is something that can help with generating ideas and developing the confidence to think outside of the box later in life. Anytime that brainstorming is necessary, this creativity and confidence will definitely make a difference. This will give your teen an advantage in school and in the business world following graduation.

Art can also help teens express themselves and communicate easily. This is something that’s particularly important during high school, which are the most difficult years for many people. Drawing can combat the stress associated with schoolwork by giving your teen an outlet to vent through art.

Where to Take Drawing Lessons

There isn’t a problem finding somewhere for your teen to take drawing lessons, especially if you look nearby Corpus Christi. One of the best options is at the Art Center of Corpus Christi. It offers art classes as well as an amazing space to admire art. It has an incredible range of classes available, including drawing, painting, photography, pottery, and printmaking. Even a picky teen can find something interesting there! If your teen is enthusiastic, choose a series of classes for them to express their creativity.

Tracey’s Studio hosts monthly Teen’s Night Outs. They feature live music, an art class, and a movie to wrap everything up. Many teenagers find this a fantastic way to break up the monotony of school. Plus, they get to meet a different group of creative kids. It’s an excellent opportunity to build relationships while learning art.

Nearby Places to Practice Their Skills

Assuming that your teen enjoys drawing and other art classes, he or she will have plenty of chances to hone these skills around Robstown and the surrounding area. Teens can go to one of the exhibits at the Art Center of Corpus Christi and get inspiration from the artists on display. Another option is to go outside to the Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve or one of the many wildlife areas in Corpus Christi to get inspiration from nature. Of course, an artist can find inspiration anywhere! Your teen may even go to one of the local Robstown parks to people watch and see what he or she can draw.


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