The Texas State Aquarium: Discover Something New

Texas State Aquarium

Have you been to the Texas State Aquarium before? It really is one of the most interesting hot spots in the Corpus Christi area. Whether you’ve been here before or you’re preparing for your first trip, you should get an inside look into what you can expect from this experience. That way, you can plan your trip accordingly. You are going to have an amazing time meeting all the marine creatures living at this beautiful aquarium. Here’s what you should see while you’re here:

Coral Reef

If you know anything about marine biology, you probably know that coral reefs are rife with sea life. The coral gives a wide variety of plants and animals a place to live, making it one of the most vibrant ecosystems on earth. When you go to the Texas State Aquarium, you can visit the coral reef exhibit. It’s designed like the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, so you’ll get to see all the types of animals that usually inhabit this kind of habitat.


You may not think of a jungle as an ecosystem you would encounter in an aquarium, but think again. The jungle is rich with sea life and more, and you can learn all about it at the jungle exhibit. Explore both the geography and the wildlife of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve’s lowland rainforest. It really is stunning.

Dolphin Bay

Dolphins are some of the smartest animals on earth, which is why humans are so fascinated by them. If you want to see a dolphin up close, you have to make your way to Dolphin Bay. The dolphins at the aquarium are named Shadow and Kai, and they are super friendly. Stop by to say hi, either from up above the water or down below.


Cephalopods and jellies are some of the strangest creatures at the bottom of the sea, and you can get a hands-on experience with one at the Tentacles exhibit. You’ll actually get to feel these animals’ tentacles, and you’ll learn all about their unique habits and tendencies.

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Saving Sharks

Sharks probably aren’t as scary as you might think. The shark exhibit at the Texas State Aquarium is focused on conservation, so you can learn all about how you can play a part in making sure these animals have a safe environment to live in.

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