Discover A New World At The Texas State Aquarium

Texas State Aquarium

Learning about animals and different types of wildlife is always fun, but something about learning about the animals that dwell in the ocean has a magical quality to it. It’s like you’re getting a glimpse into a whole different world. While you may not get the chance to go snorkeling or scuba diving this summer, you can experience the next-best thing at the Texas State Aquarium. Learn all about the amazing animals who live there, and enjoy a memorable day with family and friends. Here’s what you should check out when you visit.

Dolphin Bay

Dolphins are one of the most interesting animals that inhabit our oceans, and you can see some when you visit Dolphin Bay. Not only can you see them from above when you’re looking down into the water, but you can also see them from below while they’re under the water. These are some of the most intelligent animals in the ocean, and you will be amazed at how much they interact with the visitors. There are also dolphin presentations twice a day, so make sure you go when one of them is happening.

Tortuga Cay

Sea turtles are friendly, social animals who have unique personalities and interests, and you can see some when you go to Tortuga Cay. These animals can’t be released into the wild. So, the aquarium does everything possible to ensure that they have a good quality of life. They also serve as ambassadors to their species, showing visitors why it’s so important to keep them alive in their natural habitats.

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Just because you’re at the aquarium doesn’t mean that you can’t see animals who walk on land. Visit the Jungle to learn all about the animals who live in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. You can see a Caribbean flamingo, a keel-billed toucan, and even a sloth. Get up close and personal with these animals when you visit their naturally lit exhibit. The rainforest boasts some of the most interesting animals around, and you can see many of them here.

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