Treat Your Taste Buds by Taking the Texas Taco Tour

Delicious tacos

Tacos are a big business in Texas. Restaurant owners know that Texans love their tacos, so people have countless options to choose from. Which ones are the real deal and worth a drive to, though? Go on a taco tour in Texas and stop by all of the best places for tacos in the state.

Veracruz All Natural

The Veracruz All Natural taco truck in Austin is the place to go for delicious Migas. Be sure to check out the food truck’s salsa bar, as well. You will find an assortment of flavors that taste great on tortilla chips. You can also add a little salsa to your Migas and enjoy all of the flavors in one bite!

Los Guero’s Taco Diner

Head over to Los Guero’s Taco Diner in San Antonio for the best street tacos you can find. Choose stuff your taco full of ground beef or chicken. Your meat of choice will be topped with fresh cilantro, white cheese, and guacamole. Everything at this spot is made to perfection.

Revolver Taco Lounge

Fort Worth’s Revolver Taco Lounge isn’t your normal taco joint. It’s a high-end place, and it is definitely worth visiting. This restaurant is most known for its pato tacos. The pato tacos include seared duck breast, salsa, caramelized onions, and roasted poblano peppers. This combination creates a unique flavor that you are sure to love.

Martinez Bakery

You might not think of a bakery when it comes to delicious tacos, but Martinez Bakery in Midland has the best brisket tacos around. These brisket tacos are topped with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, avocado wedges, and salsa. If you love brisket and tacos, you should definitely try these!

El Tejavan

El Tejavan is located in Amarillo and features the best al pastor taco you can find in the state. This meal is an authentic style of cooking that chefs usually use for pork. However, El Tejavan also uses it for beef, and the end result is a taco you don’t want to miss.

You have a lot of taco joints to check out along your Texas Taco Tour, which means you are going to log a lot of miles onto your vehicle. Head to Mike Shaw Toyota in Robstown, Texas, and pick out a vehicle that is up to the job. Your new vehicle will be the perfect co-pilot when you are in search of the best taco in Texas.


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