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Diverse group of visitors in modern art gallery looking at paintings.

The winter season can leave many feeling like they are in a rut. Plenty are avoiding the cold by staying home. When you are tired of binge watching your favorite shows or having a movie marathon, there are plenty of attractions around Corpus Christi to enjoy. If you are interested in experiencing a dollop of culture for the day, then come visit the Art Museum of South Texas (AMST).

Blow Up II: Inflatable Contemporary Art

There are several exhibits in the museum. While there is a permanent collection, there are some exhibits that are up for limited viewing. One of the current exhibits in the museum is the Blow Up II exhibit. The medium for this exhibit are different inflatable blow ups. While the pieces are colorful and fun, their exuberance helps share how art can evolve with the time and that you can find art is some of the common places. This exhibit also shows how art is not limited to a canvas or clay. Means of expression are versatile and varied.

Education Programs

AMST believes that education, specifically in the world of art, is important. The team at the museum puts on various programs to help teach and train anyone who is interested in learning more about art. School programs are held from as young as second grade to middle school and high school levels. If you are an adult and wish you had the opportunity to learn more about art, then AMST has plenty of classes and workshops for you to hone your craft. You are never too old to learn.

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Visit AMST Today

AMST is wonderful part of the Corpus Christi community. Bringing knowledge and educational experiences through films, performances, classes, and other activities, the Art Museum of South Texas aims to help those have a better understanding and appreciation of the arts. Come explore the amazing exhibits for yourself today.

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