Robstown Parks to Visit on Earth Day

Green Globe On Moss symbolizing Earth Day

Take the time to celebrate the earth when Earth Day rolls around on April 22nd. A trip to the park is the perfect way to pay homage to Mother Earth, and you don’t have to spend any money on the visit. Just load up the family, head to a Robstown Park, and enjoy the great outdoors for the entire day.

Beatrice Tagle Perez Park

With green grass, a pavilion, and a playground for the kids, Beatrice Tagle Park has just what you need to celebrate Earth Day. If the wind is blowing, consider bringing a kite to the park with you. This park has nice open spaces that are perfect for flying kites.

Diaz Park

Diaz Park has a basketball court and other goodies that people love. It also has a pool that will help you get into the Earth Day spirit. As you take a swim, think about the ways you can conserve water to help the earth. This will help you give back to the earth while having some fun.

Portella Park

Portella Park isn’t just for playing. It’s also a great place to visit if you want to have a picnic. Use the pavilion to shade everyone from the sun while you chow down. Consider packing your lunch in environmentally friendly containers so you can do your part during Earth Day.

Bauer Road Park

Speaking of lunch, you can also pack a picnic and take it to Bauer Road Park. Sit at the picnic table while the kids swing to their hearts’ content. Then, consider taking a walk around the park’s grounds. Take the time to appreciate the green grass and large trees while you walk.


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