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Salmon Breakfast Casserole

Delicious pie stuffed with salmon, tomatoes, cheese and herbs close-up. horizontal
Are you looking for a breakfast casserole that doesn't just include eggs, bacon, and cheese? Try this smoked salmon breakfast casserole that is loaded with sliced potatoes, smoked salmon, and some goat cheese and herbs. This is a great recipe to expand your palate and also something your whole family... [read more]

Discover The Beautiful Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve

A Great Blue Heron wades in the shallow water of the Laguna Madre near Corpus Christi, Texas USA in the mid-morning hours. Great Blue Heron are found in both salt and fresh water all throughout the middle ranges of the United States of America and are known partly for their size and the way that they stand “statue-like” waiting on prey.
If 2023 has been busy and hectic for you so far, then you may need to find a place to just take a moment away from it all. For those living in Corpus Christi, one of the most serene places to visit to escape the hustle and bustle of city... [read more]

A Day Of Fun At In The Game

An interracial family having fun together playing miniature golf. The African-American father and Caucasian mother are in their 30s. The children are 9 and 5 years old. Dad and sister are giving the boy high fives for his winning putt.
Between work, household responsibilities, and taking the kids to various activities, there isn’t enough family time. However, the other challenge has to do with finding a place to go that’ll appeal to everyone. Well, here’s a great solution. Load your family in the car and head to In The Game... [read more]

Start Planning Your Vacations for the Year

Travel stuff on desktop: map, sun glasses, camera, tickets, passport etc.
Like millions of other people, 2022 probably added stress to your life. That, coupled with the fact that you work hard, warrants a vacation. However, it’s important to plan to ensure your safety and fun. These helpful vacation planning tips will help you do just that. Start with a Budget Before doing... [read more]

Make Your Own King Cake

King cake on a large platter on a counter with gold, purple, and green mardi gras beads
It's Mardi Gras season! That means it's time for a party and a king cake. If you've never had this indulgent desert, you're going to fall head over heels for the soft and sweet Mardi Gras treat. Although you can find king cakes with a variety of fillings and intricate... [read more]

Creative Hobbies To Pick Up This Year

Blank artist canvas and art accessories. Set of painter accessories. Watercolor aquarelle paints, art brushes, palette, glass of water on old wooden background.
Need a new outlet to funnel your creative energy into? If you spend all day working on monthly reports, market data, or other less than imaginative projects, you might find that you have a lot of creative energy that isn't being utilized. This year, tap into your right brain with... [read more]

Explore The Current Exhibits At The AMST

Diverse group of visitors in modern art gallery looking at paintings.
The winter season can leave many feeling like they are in a rut. Plenty are avoiding the cold by staying home. When you are tired of binge watching your favorite shows or having a movie marathon, there are plenty of attractions around Corpus Christi to enjoy. If you are interested... [read more]

Sweeten Up Your Day With This Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble
Fruits are used as the foundation for many dessert recipes, and for good reason. They're sweet, juicy and delicious. And that's exactly why an apple crumble is so tasty. Well, that and the butter and sugar that is part of most recipes because, you know, few recipes with butter and... [read more]

How To Dispose Of Your Christmas Tree

Old trees
Christmas is over. Time to take down and pack up your decorations. But what do you do with your Christmas tree? Well, if it's a real one, you have to do something with it. If it's artificial, you can probably store it, but even artificial trees have a shelf like.... [read more]

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers For The Whole Family

Christmas Stockings
You're proud of yourself: You got all of the Christmas shopping done early. The gifts are wrapped and under the tree. But wait: What about those empty stockings that are hanging on the mantel? Uh-oh. If you need to find just the right stocking stuffer for the people in your... [read more]