Plan A Eggscelent Easter Egg Hunt

Big sister helps little brother collect Easter eggs

Grab the food coloring and hard-boiled eggs and start planning your Easter egg hunt. These tips and ideas can help you create a fun-filled day for people of all ages.

Decide Where Your Hunt Will Be

No matter what type of event you’re planning, one of the first things you should do is assess your venue. How big is it and how many people can it accommodate? In this case, your venue is likely your back yard or a local park. Once you’ve identified the area you can adjust your guest list accordingly and set up the boundaries for your egg hunt. Make sure you clearly designate the areas that will be off-limits to kids. Also, have a back-up plan in case of inclement weather.

Use Plastic Eggs For Younger Kids

Although hard boiled eggs are the traditional Easter egg option, if your hunters are five and under, it’s best if you go the plastic egg route. Younger children will likely throw, stomp, and squash the hard boiled eggs, creating a big mess. Instead, fill up plastic eggs with candy for them to enjoy.

Adjust for Age

An Easter egg hunt doesn’t have to be limited to elementary age children. You can have an all-inclusive egg hunt by designating hunting grounds by age. For toddlers, scatter the eggs out where they are highly visible. For the three to six year old crowd, hiding spots should be obvious such as behind planters or rocks. You can make sure each kid has an opportunity to find a few eggs by assigning them specific egg types such as numbered eggs or eggs of a certain color.

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Raise the Stakes

For age groups six to ten and 10 to 15 you’ll have to raise the stakes and increase the difficulty to get them involved. Make the eggs progressively harder to find. For adolescents and teenagers add a treasure hunt element with clues or a treasure map  Use landmarks to create clues like, “10 steps  east of the mailbox,” or “three steps north of the brand new Toyota from Mike Shaw Toyota.” If you’re able to, you can even include better prizes for the oldest age group. Hide cash prizes or small party favors inside large plastic eggs.

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