Make The Perfect Memorial Day Dessert

Berry slab pie decorated with stars for Memorial Day
Memorial Day is a wonderful time to celebrate, honor, and remember the sacrifice of those who have served our nation. Many celebrate with picnic lunches or backyard barbecues. No Memorial Day lunch is complete, however, without something sweet. This Memorial Day try making this Mixed Berry Slab Pie from Wife... [read more]

Explore All That The Toyota Sequoia Has To Offer

Family with Sequoia SUV in driveway
Whether you’re planning your next group road trip or just carpooling through town, there’s no denying the value of a three-row SUV for growing families. The Toyota Sequoia makes it easy to hit the road with the whole crew onboard, and everyone can expect safe, comfortable cruising thanks to its... [read more]

Welcome Wildlife With This DIY Butterfly Water Feeder

Cute butterfly sitting on tray feeder with banana
Spring is rolling in and the season's flora and fauna are probably beginning to take root in your outdoor space. In South Texas, the season brings the pleasant fragrance of blooming hibiscus plants, the twittering of bluejays, and butterflies gliding down to rest on the new spring blossoms. Corpus Christi... [read more]

Explore Mustang Island With The Family

Mustang Island
The perfect family getaway is just minutes away from Corpus Christi, Texas, on Mustang Island. This island offers everything you could ever want and more from a beach vacation. Learn more about why so many people visit this place for vacation and hop in your car so you can drive... [read more]

Amp Up Breakfast With This Swiss & Chive Quiche

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but it can quickly become the most boring meal of the day as you stick to the same dishes over and over. Amp up your mornings by taking breakfast from ordinary to extraordinary with this recipe for a Swiss and... [read more]

Plan A Eggscelent Easter Egg Hunt

Big sister helps little brother collect Easter eggs
Grab the food coloring and hard-boiled eggs and start planning your Easter egg hunt. These tips and ideas can help you create a fun-filled day for people of all ages. Decide Where Your Hunt Will Be No matter what type of event you're planning, one of the first things you should do... [read more]

Salmon Breakfast Casserole

Delicious pie stuffed with salmon, tomatoes, cheese and herbs close-up. horizontal
Are you looking for a breakfast casserole that doesn't just include eggs, bacon, and cheese? Try this smoked salmon breakfast casserole that is loaded with sliced potatoes, smoked salmon, and some goat cheese and herbs. This is a great recipe to expand your palate and also something your whole family... [read more]

Discover The Beautiful Oso Bay Wetlands Preserve

A Great Blue Heron wades in the shallow water of the Laguna Madre near Corpus Christi, Texas USA in the mid-morning hours. Great Blue Heron are found in both salt and fresh water all throughout the middle ranges of the United States of America and are known partly for their size and the way that they stand “statue-like” waiting on prey.
If 2023 has been busy and hectic for you so far, then you may need to find a place to just take a moment away from it all. For those living in Corpus Christi, one of the most serene places to visit to escape the hustle and bustle of city... [read more]

The Toyota Sequoia Is Here To Impress

2023 Toyota Sequoia
The new 2023 Toyota Sequoia does more than just say hello. It's bold enough and powerful enough to make you ask yourself: "Why am I not driving one of those?" Think Big The Sequoia has always been a three-row vehicle, a reliable family hauler that has plenty of room for people and... [read more]